White Collar Crime Defense

Even the name connotes some sort of elevated hierarchy to criminal behavior and consequent charging by the prosecution.    In short, there is no such distinction.    Perhaps because  a larger percentage of these crimes are charged in Federal Court, it is presumed that those in position of higher respectability or status are often the players involved.   Sometimes that is the case…sometimes certainly not.  However perceived, the law and the punishment for such behavior is no different.

The Classic examples of White Collar Crime Include:

  1. Bank Fraud:    Wherein some financial institution is severely compromised or dfrauded in a wide variety of possible schemes.
  2. Embezzlement:   Where a person entrusted with funds of some sort abuses their position of trust and misappropriates said funds.
  3. Credit Card Fraud:  Unauthorized use of credit cards to obtain goods or services without the permission of the owner. Closely aligned with the Forgery offenses.
  4. Computer and Cellular Phone Fraud:  Hackers have made this a cottage industry.
  5. Bribery:  Often of a public official, or others in positions of wealth and power willing to risk much.
  6. Money Laundering and Racketeering:   Often prosecuted under the RICO statutes.
  7. Insurance Fraud:  The attempts to obtain insurance proceeds from an insurance company through fraud and deception.
  8. Insider Trading and Securities Fraud:  The use of inside, confidential or advance information to trade in shares of publicly held corporations.
  9. Tax Evasion:  Commission of fraud and omission in the filing and paying of taxes to state and federal governments.
  10. Welfare Fraud:   Public Assistance, Food Stamp, Medicaid- acts in furtherance of obtaining these benefits illegally.

Our Office has handled these types of cases in State and Federal Court for over a twenty five year period of time.   These prosecutions are often quite complex,  requiring the retention of experts to rebut many of the allegations the Defendant is facing.     There is no quick resolution to the overwhelming majority of these cases.

It is also noteworthy at the outset on these cases –  the sentencing range on the majority of these cases in federal court far outreach the typical sentence in state court for similar offenses.   If you are aware of the beginning of an investigation of your behavior relating to these types of offenses, it is generally considered an outstanding idea to retain counsel as early in this process  –  particularly pre-indictment –  if at all possible.