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DUI/DWI/OWI are all INTERCHANGEABLE TERMS.    ALL 3 STAND FOR THE SAME TYPE OFFENSE   ‘Operating While Intoxicated, Driving While Intoxicated, Driving Under the Influence.’

In Indiana we charge the offense as Operating While Intoxicated (Hence OWI is the abbreviation most often associated with the offense in Indiana)

DUI/OWI is the GREAT EQUALIZER  as far as the type of charge people face.  The array of unsuspecting and the most normal citizens of Indiana never believing it could happen to them….find themselves arrested for some variation of OWI.    Be it by way of an extra glass of wine at dinner that put them right at the dreaded .08 BAC, or those who thought they would take that one chance and drive home after what they know to be one too many drinks.    IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE.

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You have the right to have your country’s consulate notified that you have been arrested.  You have the right to communicate with an official from your consulate. ”  If you ask to speak with a representative of your country’s consulate that request must be honored.

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If you find yourself before the bench facing a judge when you have been charged with a felony — you will want someone by your side who knows this system well.

MURDER:   The highest criminal offense, with the most severe penalties,  that can be charged in the State of Indiana.  The minimum sentence upon conviction is a term of forty five (45) years in the Indiana Department of Corrections.   The maximum sentence is sixty five (65) years.

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Essentially, based on your prior criminal history, you can be determined to be what Indiana titles an Habitual Substance Offender if you have accumulated two prior ‘substance abuse related’ convictions prior to the case you are currently facing.   Most often the prior convictions are for OWI / DUIW/ DWI type offenses and possession of marijuana or other controlled substances.

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Post Conviction & Appeals Representation

If the Defendant who has been convicted and sentenced by a Court in the State of Indiana believes the conviction was obtained in violation of the Constitution of the State of Indiana or the United States Constitution, or that there exists evidence of material facts not previously presented or heard, or that the trial court made fundamental error in the trial procedure, among other possible allegations challenging the validity of the conviction,  has the right to pursue Post Conviction Relief.

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The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution requires law enforcement officers to demonstrate: an actual and continuing threat to their safety posed by an arrestee, in order to justify a warrant less vehicular search incident to arrest conducted after the vehicle’s recent occupants have been arrested and secured.

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Theft, Check Fraud & Conversion

There is unfortunately wide latitude in how these offenses are often filed.  What can be a decision by one Department or Grocery Store not to file any charge against a first time offender, can also be another decision under virtually identical conditions to file a Class A Misdemeanor Conversion/Shoplifting ( 0 days to one year in jail) or worse a Class D Felony Theft (6 months to 3 years in jail) .

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Probation Violations

There is nothing more disconcerting or terrifying in some cases than when a person who has been serving a period of probation is advised that his Probation Officer has decided to file a “Violation of Probation.” (Some counties have a FAQ section on their County website which can be helpful for the person first placed on probation.   Hamilton and Marion County are no exception  –  familiarize yourself with these from the outset to avoid some simple complications.)

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White Collar Crime Defense

Even the name connotes some sort of elevated hierarchy to criminal behavior and consequent charging by the prosecution.    In short, there is no such distinction.    Perhaps because  a larger percentage of these crimes are charged in Federal Court, it is presumed that those in position of higher respectability or status are often the players involved.

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Indianapolis Traffic Lawyer – Indiana Traffic Tickets

If you have received an Indiana traffic ticket, the traffic defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Daniel J. Coffey are here to help! Iniana traffic attorney Dan Coffey is experienced in handling multiple types of traffic offenses including driver’s licese reinstatement, CDL License, driving under the influence, and more.

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