Representative Cases

The following actual case results are presented for our website readers information only.   Every case is different.  Every client’s facts  and circumstances will differ from the next.    Nothing herein is intended to leave the impression that your circumstances will result in these same judicial determinations.    Every case must be evaluated and resolved on it’s own merits.     We are happy to serve that function for you as well.  From Evaluation to Conclusion.

CASE NUMBER:  49G20-0806-FC-156842.   Class C Felony filing
Charged Offense was Selling a Firearm to a Convicted Felon.
Three Day Trial By Jury – Concluded,  August 2013.
Not Guilty – All Counts

CASE NUMBER:  73D02-1301-CM-007.   OWI/DWI/DUI case
Count 1.  Dangerous Operating A Vehicle While Intoxicated
Count 2.  Lesser Included – Operating Vehicle While Intoxicated
Successful Suppression of Breathalyzer Testing.
One Day Jury Trial.   Not Guilty on All Counts.

CASE NUMBER:   49F07-1004-CM-027814.  OWI/DUI/DWI case
Count 1.  Operating Vehicle Endangering a Person
Count 2.  Operating a Vehicle with a .08 or Higher BAC.
Testimony from Expert Toxicologist on the .08 BAC test
One Day Jury Trial.   Not Guilty on All Counts.

CASE NUMBER:  32D01-1004-CM-185.   OWI/DUI/DWI case.
Count 1.  Operating Vehicle While Intoxicated –  Class A Misd.
Count 2.  Operating with .08 or Higher BAC
Testimony from Expert Toxicologist and Suppression Issues
One Day Jury Trial.     Not Guilty on All Counts.

CASE NUMBER:  30D01-0907-FC- 00152.    Class C Felony Filing.
Charged Offense was Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury.
Three Day Jury Trial.   Not Guilty All Counts.

CASE NUMBER:  49F10-1206-CM-041243.  OWI/DUI/DWI case.
Successful Contested Challenge to ‘Refusal’ Allegation heard by the Judge presiding in Marion County.   ‘Refusal’ allegations are always fact sensitive, but merely because an Officer decides to allege you ‘refused’ a chemical test, the Court may see if differently.

CASE NUMBER :  30C01-1311-FC-001702.  DEALING IN MARIJUANA & CORRUPT BUSINESS INFLUENCE.    Class C Felonies.      ALL CHARGES DISMISSED as of February 2, 2015.